Gingerbread House Throwdown

Gingerbread House Throwdown

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Can't Catch Me, I'm the-

Save the gingerbread people!  They have been dispossed by recent river floodings and are unwilling to hire the local river guides to transportation to safer harbors.  In the meantime, they are suffering severe oppression from hungry holiday shoppers.  They need new, safe houses!


Grounded (with the help of some of the finest Gingerbreaders around) is hosting its first annual Gingerbread House Building Contest.

Join us as 8 teams square off in a head-to-head building battle of the ages.  Basic kits will be provided in the entry fee, but gingerbreaders are encouraged to bring supplemental supplies.  Each team will have 30 minutes to build the best house they can to try to win one of the esteemed prizes. 

Entry is $25 per team.  In addition to a starter kit, each gingerbreader will receive free drip coffee to fuel the decorating-building mayhem.

Be sure to sign up early as spaces are limited!  Signup is open for the first 8 teams to claim the slots at Grounded; be sure to sign up before Monday (12/18)!

This event is free to watch, and the coffee bar will be open.



Coffee Tasting

Coffee Tasting

Grounded Coffee (map)

Coffee Tasting - Bookmarked

Much like wine, the world of coffee is rich and deep.  Join us as we plumb the depths of coffee and get totally wired in the process.  Every second Tuesday of the month.  $10 or less.


This month's tasting will is paired with a book launch!  And that book is: Grounded's very own tasting journal.

No longer will we be forced to scribble notes on napkins like in dark days of lore; no longer will we be left to remember flavor notes of that Ethiopian trying to impress another connoisseur; no longer will we be reduced to simply "drinking" a cup of coffee.  No, no, my friends.  We are now empowered to sip our brews with sophisticated, not-taking class!  Cheers, to coffee!

At this tasting, you will get your very own Official Grounded Tasting Book, AND you will get to sample 3 delectable coffees.  The format will be more casual than usual, but the coffee will be just as serious.

This event is open to anyone, and no tasting experience is required.  This is not a cupping either, so the sharing will be held to a minimum.

$5 for the night (including a tasting book!), and walk-ins are welcome (but the shop will be closed to other business)