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  • 12120 County Line Road
  • Madison, AL, 35756
  • United States

Espresso Life

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the bar to make your favorite drinks? What makes it bitter?  Is it a life of having its beauty eclipsed by copious amounts of sugary milky goodness? What makes it sour?  Is it living in the shadows of its big brother brewed coffee?


What allows us to make delicious coffee? Now is the time to find out! THIS NIGHT ONLY we will be inviting you behind the bar to teach the art of espresso. This hands on course will teach you the secrets of grind size, distribution, and tamping (there may even be a sneak peek into milk steaming). This and the copious amounts of coffee you will be drinking is only $10.

This is an introductory class only meaning that no previous experience is required.  Class size is limited - be sure to get your slot early!